Trucking Safety Threatened by Economic Downturn

You may have noticed on the news the other day that the State of Virginia planned to save money by closing more than half of its highway rest stops. Amongst the outcry by drivers on Virginia's roadways was a loud protest by the trucking industry. Trucking representatives warned that truckers would be unable to take federally-mandated rest breaks while traveling through Virginia. Tired truckers driving giant rigs at speed would be the result. The concerns of the trucking reps. are justified. Accidents by tired truck drivers are known to be one of the major causes of fatal truck/car crashes. As states and the federal government continue to grapple with the recession, safety advocates need to be vigilant to protect against penny-wise and pound foolish cuts that make our highways more dangerous. More, not less, needs to be done to protect the driving public from the dangers posed by tandem and other large trucks on the interstate. As if to highlight the danger, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported the deaths of three people on Philadelphia I-76 when a big rig with a known history of brake problems crashed into stalled traffic when its brakes failed. The tragedy, according to the District Attorney, was caused by “a `loophole’ in the nation’s trucking oversight system.”

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