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Attorney Kenneth N. Margolin has helped clients in hundreds of cases involving serious personal injuries and individual rights. Today, he is using his problem solving and courtroom and administrative litigation skills to help college students charged with serious violations of their school's code of conduct.

I am proud to be a solo practitioner with more than 30 years of experience handling a wide variety of complex cases. Being a solo practitioner means that I handle your case from start to finish. Your case won’t be assigned to a young associate as a learning tool. When you hire the Law Office of Kenneth N. Margolin, P.C., you get a veteran trial attorney handling your case.

Being a solo practitioner doesn’t mean that I lack resources to handle your case. I work with other attorneys if the case requires it, at no extra cost to you. I hire whatever experts are necessary to understand and to prepare your case. But I will always be personally in charge of your case.

I pride myself on explaining the law clearly and simply to my clients and involving them every step of the way. If you retain the Law Office of Kenneth N. Margolin, P.C., you will never be in the dark about your case.

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