Catastrophic Injuries

Catastrophic injuries come in many forms and may be the result of somebody’s negligence.  Take, for example, the case of a patient who was dropped from a stretcher during transport to a local hospital.  The patient suffered from a serious spinal cord injury that resulted in her paralysis from the waist down.  Her case led to more than a million dollar recovery for her injuries and suffering.  This woman did not deserve to suffer from paralysis for the rest of her life because of somebody else’s negligence, and you don’t deserve to suffer either.

If you are the victim of a serious accident that resulted in a catastrophic injury like:

You may need the help of an experienced attorney to protect your rights and ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve.  Massachusetts attorney Kenneth N. Margolin has extensive experience with personal injury cases like these, and can help you seek justice for your catastrophic injuries.

Why Choose Kenneth N. Margolin for Your Catastrophic Injury Case?

There are many attorneys in Massachusetts, each claiming to be the best.  This makes selecting the right personal injury attorney for your case very difficult.  You might be wondering what sets Kenneth N. Margolin apart from other personal injury lawyers.  A few highlights from Attorney Margolin’s resume highlight his unique qualifications:

  • Since the start of his career in legal services, Attorney Margolin has always represented the common person – never Big Business or insurance interests.  Mr. Margolin has represented Davids versus the Goliaths for the entirety of his more than 30 year career.
  • Attorney Margolin believes in seeking justice for Massachusetts’ men, woman and children and fighting against well-financed entities that care more about their bottom line than doing what is right.
  • His legal services career included precedent setting cases in state and federal court, giving him the depth of experience that clients seek for their personal injury cases.
  • After leaving legal services for private practice, Attorney Margolin developed expertise representing people with disabilities who were denied access to jobs, homes, or community activities because of unlawful discrimination.
  • Attorney Margolin has developed extensive professional relationships with physicians, psychologists, physical therapists, and other professionals who work with severely disabled people. This naturally led to the representation of people who have been catastrophically injured because of medication errors, medical malpractice, and other types of negligence.
  • Attorney Margolin is a sole practitioner who offers all clients his personal attention and the reassurance that he takes full responsibility for every aspect of their case.

If Kenneth N. Margolin sounds like the kind of lawyer you would like representing your catastrophic injury case, please call his office toll free at 1.800.239.2412 contact his office online today.  Your first consultation is always free, and during that first meeting you will find out whether your problem requires the assistance of an attorney and if so what Attorney Margolin can do to help.

Our clients appreciate the convenience of our Newton office. Attorney Margolin has represented clients from Newton and nearby towns such as Waltham, Watertown, Needham and Beltmont, and throughout Massachusetts.

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