Preventable Stroke in 52 Year Old Man – $1.75 Million Settlement

His case showed the tragedy that can occur when doctors treating the same patient at the same time, fail to communicate. My client went to his internist three times in a week with symptoms of weakness and numbness on his left side that were progressive and worsening. An MRI showed that he had suffered a small stroke within the last several weeks, caused by a clogged carotid artery.

Although the internist promptly referred him to a neurologist when he received the MRI report, he neglected to tell the neurologist that the symptoms had been worsening during the past week. The omitted information was critical, because the progressive symptoms likely indicated an evolving stroke or a series of transient ischemic attacks, either of which would have called for immediate vascular surgery to clean out the clogged artery. The neurologist never learned that the patient’s symptoms had been growing steadily worse and referred him for more testing on a non-urgent basis.

By the time the tests came back showing that the artery was severely clogged and our client was at risk for an imminent stroke, it was too late. A clot broke off from the severely clogged artery, causing a major stroke before the neurologist could contact the patient to come in for immediate vascular surgery.

The case settled two weeks before the start of trial.

Awarded: $1,750,000

DISCLAIMER: Please note that every case is different and these verdicts and settlements, while accurate, do not represent what we may obtain for you in your case.

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