Medication Overdose to a Premature Infant - $7.2 Million Verdict ($10 Million Dollars with Interest)

My clients’ child was born at age 28 weeks, weighing less than two pounds and suffering from underdeveloped lungs. At age four months he contracted a mysterious viral illness and almost died, but the little boy was a fighter and began a strong recovery from the illness. The recovery was continuing when the hospital gave him a 125-fold overdose of a drug intended to lower his blood pressure.

The drug only came from the manufacturer in an adult dosage and had to be diluted in the hospital pharmacy with one part of the medication to 125 parts of saline solution. A laboratory technician certified on a form that she had diluted the drug before it was placed in syringes with the baby’s name on it. The pharmacist who supervised her certified that he personally checked her work and that she had diluted the drug.

The drug had never been diluted, and a full adult dosage was administered intravenously to the baby. His blood pressure plummeted for twenty hours before the error was discovered, by which time his brain had been deprived of oxygen, causing permanent brain damage. Today, the little boy is 7 years old and severely developmentally delayed.

The hospital pharmacy admitted their error, but denied that it caused the baby any harm. The case was tried to a jury for nearly three weeks. The jury awarded a $7.2 Million verdict. I believe the verdict to be one of the largest medication error verdicts in Massachusetts history.

Awarded: $7,200,000

DISCLAIMER: Please note that every case is different and these verdicts and settlements, while accurate, do not represent what we may obtain for you in your case.

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