Massachusetts Association for Retarded Citizens, Inc., et al. v. McCarthy, Com'r. of the Department of Mental Retardation; Suffolk Superior Court

In 1990, in what seems to be a depressingly familiar theme, the Commonwealth made significant cuts in the human services budget. One such cut eliminated the budget for transportation to take adults with mental retardation from their group homes to day vocational programs. Hundreds of clients would lose day programs that were essential to their well-being and quality of life. The Massachusetts Association for Retarded Citizens, Inc. and a consortium of non-profit program providers hired Attorney Margolin to sue the Commonwealth and get the cuts rescinded. At a preliminary injunction hearing in Suffolk Superior Court, more than 80 high-functioning clients who understood the implications of losing their transportation, packed the courtroom. The hearing was covered by local television news networks. While the judge denied the motion for a preliminary injunction, the Commonwealth restored the transportation money to the budget just days after the hearing.
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