Federal Tort Claims Action - Collision with Army Truck

Two soldiers stationed at Fort Devens, Massachusetts, became lost returning from maneuvers in the western part of the state. They attempted a U-turn on Route 2 in Lincoln, Massachusetts, a road which at the time, was only two lanes in each direction, with no divider in the middle of the road. The truck was too large for a U-turn, so the soldiers attempted a three-point turn, their truck fully across all four lanes of the highway. As my client came over the crest of a hill in his station wagon, he saw the truck and attempted to swerve, only to be run off the road by an oncoming car also trying to avoid the army vehicle. My client's car ended up underneath the truck. He suffered permanent leg injuries. The government initially claimed that my client had been speeding and driving inattentively, a claim that was rebutted by several eyewitness statements obtained by our investigator.

Awarded: $400,000

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