Errors During Tesio Catheter Surgery by Surgeon and Anesthesiologist

My 62 year old client entered the hospital for routine insertion of a tesio catheter into her jugular vein for kidney dialysis. The surgeon pierced the vein causing internal bleeding. Rather than diagnose the cause and extent of the bleed so that the vein could be stitched, he applied pressure for a half-hour, during which my client lost 1/3 of her body’s blood. The bleeding caused a large hematoma to press on her trachea, which prevented her from breathing properly and required intubation by the anesthesiologist. Despite her weakened condition and the hematoma pressing on her trachea, the anesthesiologist took out her breathing tube the moment the operation ended, causing her to go into cardiac arrest and to suffer prolonged lack of oxygen and permanent brain damage.

Awarded: $450,000

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