Big Battle Over Big Rigs

USA Today predicts a “big battle” over the issue of larger rigs allowed on the nation’s highways. I previously reported on the debate on this web site. There is little question that non-trucking motorists – i.e., most of us – will pay for larger rigs with more lives lost and tax dollars spent to repair the damage done to roads by the giant double and triple trailers. The only true value in the larger trucks is an economic one. Bigger loads mean more profits for the trucking company. Understanding that most of the motoring public does not want even bigger trucks on the roads, the bigger-trucks advocates, which are generally the largest trucking companies, claim that a 97,000 truck (the suggested size limit) is just as safe as a smaller truck – a claim that defies physics and common sense. In addition to the opposition of the driving public, the Teamsters Union, and many independent truckers oppose the large-rigs proposed legislation. They have countered with legislation of their own that would freeze multiple trailer trucks to the 26 states in which they are now allowed, and that would extend the current interstate highway limit of 80,000 pounds and 53 feet, to the entire National Highway System. The National Highway System includes the interstates plus other roads that are considered important to the nation’s economy, mobility, and defense.

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