Babies' fingers amputated by defective strollers

According to reports received by the federal Consumer Product Safety Commission, a dozen children have had fingertips amputated by a hinge mechanism on Maclaren strollers. The strollers are sold by Target and Babies "R" Us. They are made in China and imported into this country by Maclaren USA, Inc, which is based in Connecticut. Apparently, if a child's finger wanders into the hinge mechanism while the stroller is being unfolded, there is a mini-guillotine effect when the stroller locks, which can amputate the child's fingertip. More than one million of the strollers have been recalled. According to an online article, the company could not be reached by phone and its web site was offline - not exactly a profile in courage if true (the web site was not working as of the date of this blog). If, as I suspect is the case, these injuries could have been avoided by a simple safety design change costing pennies - or for that matter, costing whatever was necessary to avoid the hazard - lawsuits against the company and its retail distributors will be well-justified. Incidents such as the Maclaren stroller finger amputations should be kept in mind by citizens bombarded with the hyperbolic hype of the anti-justice forces who are hungry to allow businesses to cut corners at the public's expense with no resource to injured victims.

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