Another Trench Collapse Fatality Reported

A construction worker was killed yesterday in Huntington Beach, California, when a trench in which he was working collapsed, burying him beneath soil and concrete. OSHA was reported to be investigating the tragedy. While I cannot comment on this particular case because I do not know the details of how the collapse occurred, it is a fact that trench collapses are a deadly form of construction accident and often occur because OSHA safety requirements are not followed. These requirements include such precautions, depending on the size and depth of the trench, as professional trench design, shoring the sides of the trench to prevent shifting soil, understanding the soil type and risks posed, daily inspections, stairs or ladders in deep trenches, protective barriers, and keeping heavy equipment from being left too close to the edge of the trench. Nearly all trench collapses at construction sites are preventable, yet

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