Attorney Ken Margolin has achieved a remarkable record of success for his clients in and out of court.

For more than 30 years, Attorney Margolin has helped clients in hundreds of cases involving serious personal personal injuries and individual rights. Today, he is using his problem solving and courtroom and administrative litigation skills to help college students charged with serious violations of their school's code of conduct.

Early in his career, Attorney Margolin developed a special education and disability rights practice. He came to these areas of law quite naturally, as his father had chaired the Department of Rehabilitation and Special Education at Northeastern University. In the early '80s, Attorney Margolin began receiving requests to represent people seriously hurt in accidents or by medical malpractice or. Having worked for nearly a decade with the doctors, therapists and rehabilitation professionals who help people cope with serious disabilities, conveying the loss suffered by personal injury plaintiffs was a natural fit. Attorney Margolin's first medical malpractice case resulted in a jury verdict on behalf of his client. Other successful results followed, and Attorney Margolin integrated personal injury representation on behalf of injured plaintiffs, into his law practice.

Attorney Margolin has always been concerned with protecting the rights of his clients, and has long represented the underdog against government and well-funded corporations and other institutions.

Why is Attorney Margolin using his skills and experience to represent college students charged with serious violations of their college codes of conduct?

College students charged with serious breaches of their school disciplinary codes must be prepared. A negative finding on a serious charge can have adverse consequences that last a lifetime. Most college disciplinary board rules are stacked against the student. Procedural rights are abbreviated, and in many instances, the student faces a presumption of guilt rather than a presumption of innocence. Often, free speech rights of students are repressed and charges are brought if they express sentiments objectionable to other students. When charges involve allegations of sexual harassment or assault, the student may face an environment charged with political correctness that may make a fair hearing difficult. Serious issues of civil rights and justice are involved in many college disciplinary proceedings. Whatever the situation, it is unfair for a young adult to have to face a large academic institution alone. Assistance by experienced counsel gives the best chance for a just result.

Can you give examples of some of Attorney Margolin's successes for his clients who have been injured by the negligence of others?

Below are a sampling of Attorney Margolin's successes for his personal injury clients. Full details and additional examples can be found on the Personal Injury Case Results page of this web site.

Personal Injury Examples

$7.2 million verdict on behalf of a premature infant who suffered brain damage from a medication overdose - one of the largest medication overdose verdicts in Massachusetts history.

$1.1 million arbitration award on behalf of a woman who lost her husband from undiagnosed colon cancer.

$1.03 million settlement for a woman seriously injured when dropped from her stretcher during an improperly performed transfer from an ambulance.

$2.865 million settlement on behalf of the husband and children of a 40 year-old woman who died during routine surgery as the result of surgical, anesthesiological and administrative negligence.

How can I learn more about the Law Office of Kenneth N. Margolin, P.C.

In the pages of this web site, you will find dozens of articles written by Attorney Margolin on topics on a variety of legal topics. You will find convenient links to contact Ken Margolin to set up an appointment or to obtain an evaluation of your case. Ken will always welcome your phone call.